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Title The Day After Tomorrow
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Posted in Cinema & Films
Tags Animation, Awareness, Bombing, Children, The Civil Defense

A film by the Syrian Civil Defense, about the remnants of war and unexploded bombs, drawn and directed by Diala Brisly.

Duration: 3:48

According to source:
The remnants of war.. a tragedy that claims the lives of Syrians!
A short film warning about unexploded ordnance.
We call on our people to take security and #safety measures in case of unexploded ordnance.
– Beware, it might be an #unexploded bomb or weapon, and there might be more than one near you.
– Stay calm.
– Examine your location for any sign of other distorted bodies.
– Place a clear and globally known warning sign in the location, in order to keep others away from danger.
– Immediately inform the #CivilDefense.
– Later ask the Civil Defense if the location was cleaned and secured.
#TheSyrianCivilDefense #YourSafetyIsOurGoal