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Title Official Trailer Of “300 Miles”
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Posted in Cinema & Films
Tags Activist, Aleppo, Armed factions and brigades, Dictator, Revolution

A film directed by Orwa Mokdad, produced by Film 4 Art in collaboration with Bidayyat.

Duration: 2:16

According to source:
Production: Film 4 Art.
With the support of:
Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts.
Al Mawred Al Thaqafy.
Ettijahat-Independent Culture.
British Council.
Production Year: 2016.

Between the South and the North of Syria the director tries through his camera and his young niece Nour’s camera to shed the light on the distance that has been grown in Syria since the beginning of the revolution in 2011 which has lost many of its tracks over the the time and these distance main root was the creation of Israel 1948. The director is separated from his niece and family by 300 Miles divided metaphorically and geographically. By Adnan the philosophy student and peaceful activist and by Abo Yarrob the commander at the FSA he tries to answer his and his niece’s questions about what is going on in Syria.