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Title Syrian Director: ‘One Day This Film Will Be A Document To Punish War Criminals’
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Posted in Critic
Tags Aleppo, Awareness, Bombing, Destruction, Hope, International Community, The Civil Defense

By Suraj Sharma.

There comes a time in every war when the difference between good guys and bad ones no longer matters because everything becomes indiscriminate destruction and carnage. And it is the innocent civilians that are left to suffer the consequences.

Fed up with the senseless barbarity that civilians were facing following the Syrian uprising, in 2012 a group of volunteers from various walks of life decided to take on the work of basic civic services that were no longer functioning.

They acted as rescuers, first aid providers, firefighters and a myriad of other things.

The Syria Civil Defence came to be known globally as the White Helmets due to their distinctive white hard hats.

Syrian director Firas Fayyad saw the story of the White Helmets as one that explained what his country was experiencing in the most poignant way.

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