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Title Delphine Minoui And “The Book Smugglers Of Darayya”
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Tags Activist, Awareness, Dictator, Siege

A video of an interview with Delphine Minoui during the show “La Grande Librairie”, broadcasted on F5, in which the Figaro reporter talks about her new book “The book smugglers of Darayya”.

Duration: 13:53

According to source:
A clandestine library in Syria. Grand Reporter and winner of the Albert London Prize 2006, Delphine Minoui seizes in this new work an incredible story: “the unusual challenge of forty young Syrian revolutionaries to exhume thousands of works, buried under the ruins and gather them in a clandestine library in Darayya”,during the siege imposed on the city by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

About the book.