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Title Saving Lives Underground
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Tags Aleppo, Awareness, Damascus countryside, Daraa, Doctors and hospitals, Hama, Idlib, International Community, Report

Saving Lives Underground
The case for underground hospitals in Syria

A report from 13 leading Syrian medical organizations and The Syria Campaign, authored by Kathleen Fallon, with the contribution of Natasha Kieval.

According to source:
Health facilities in Syria are systematically targeted on a scale unprecedented in modern history.
There have been over 454 attacks on hospitals in the last six years, with 91% of the attacks perpetrated by the Assad government and Russia. During the last six months of 2016, the rate of attacks on healthcare increased dramatically. Most recently, in April 2017 alone, there were 25 attacks on medical facilities, or one attack every 29 hours.
While the international community fails to protect Syrian medics from systematic aerial attacks on their hospitals, Syrians have developed an entire underground system to help protect patients and medical colleagues as best they can. The fortification of medical facilities is now considered a standard practice in Syria. Field hospitals have been driven underground, into basements, fortified with sandbags and cement walls, and into caves. These facilities have saved the lives of countless health workers and patients, preserved critical donor-funded equipment, and helped prevent displacement by providing communities with emergency care. However, while Syrian medics have adapted their operations to fit these unique horrors, international donor governments have not adapted their funding.