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Title Art Supporting Peace In Syria
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Posted in Photography
Tags Al-Qamishli, Awareness, Children, Displacement, Martyrs

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Image 1: Yes, to a happy childhood.
Image 3: The explosion of al-Qamishli, Syria. 27/7/2016
Image 5: Martyrs of al-Wasta neighborhood in al-Qamishli (30-12-2015 / 24-1-2016 / 21-5-2016)

By Bukhityar Hassan.

According to source:
An open-air art exhibition held in a Qamishli park aims to promote the culture of peace. Dozens of paintings distributed throughout the park deal with topics such as displacement, homelessness, migration, the victims of bombing and human rights.
The paintings vary in concept and material. One artist, Lokman Hussein, use many different tools to convey his ideas, including materials damaged by bombings in Qamishli, such as dolls, textbooks and pieces of furniture.
Slogans were also included as part of the exhibition, alongside olive branches as a symbol of peace.