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Title Victims Of The Syrian Regime’s Use Of Chemical Weapons
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Tags Aleppo, Arbin, Chemical weapon, Children, Ghouta, Hama, Infographic, Khan Shaykhun, Martyrs, Massacre, Saraqib, Women

Victims of the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons
March 2013
The regime forces targeted the town of Khan al-Asal in Aleppo’s countryside with Sarin gas. The attack killed 20 civilians and injured 70 others.
August 2013
The bombing with Sarin gas happened again in Eastern Ghouta, in Damascus’ countryside, where it killed 1500 martyrs and injured more than 500 civilians.
December 2013
The regime forces targeted the city of Homs with missiles loaded with the gas BZ, which is designed to cause confusion, delirium and hallucinations.
February 2014
The Syrian regime bombed the city of Arbin in Damascus’ countryside using bombs loaded with poisonous gas, which caused cases of suffocation among civilians.
April 2014
The city of Saraqib and the city of Kafr Zita in Hama’s countryside were attacked during the same month, where 3 civilians were killed and 100 cases of suffocation were recorded.
August 2016
Warplanes dropped barrels loaded with Chlorine on the neighborhood of al-Zabdiya in Aleppo, killing one child and causing several cases of suffocation among civilians.
December 2016
Warplanes bombed the region of Aqrabat and its surroundings in Hama’s countryside, killing 101 civilians and injuring more than 300 others.
March 2017
Two warplanes dropped two barrels loaded with Chlorine on a hospital in Hama’s countryside, killing one of the doctors as well as a civilian patient and 30 other civilians.
April 2017
The regime forces committed a chemical massacre in the city og Khan Shaykhun in Idlib’s countryside, killing more than 100 civilians and injuring 400 others.

By Kesh Malek.

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Victims of the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons since the start of the Syrian revolution.