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Title About Alma Shahoud… The Free
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Tags Detainment, Torture, Women

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By Diala Brisly.

According to source:
Image 1:
Alma Shahoud was born in 1986 in the neighborhood of al-Midan, she used to work as a secretary in a private company and has five children.
She participated in the peaceful demonstrations and worked in relief and refugee support, before she became a medic on the front lines of the battlefield.
A fighter talks about her courage saying: “I once saw her carrying a wounded young man because no one dared to pull him away from the intensity of fire, during the battle of al-Midan”.

Image 2:
In the summer of 2012, she was arrested for the first time on her way back home in Eir Tarma. She was in a taxi with a 17-year-old young man who was pulled out of the car on a checkpoint and was beaten in front of her. “He is just a child, why are you beating him?” she screamed at the First Assistant who replied by beating her and the young man. She replied by slapping him in the street and so she was taken to the air force security branch where she stayed for over a month.

Image 3:
Alma says: “In the air force branch I was exposed to all sorts of torture; they shaved my head and accused me of being a political activist. All this torture was to avenge the security officer that I had slapped. They used to blindfold me and take me to another room where they’d take off my clothes and hit me, I used to be physically abused and raped by more than one person. My screams used to reach the outside of the prison, hoping in vain that someone would save me.

Image 4:
Her role in the armed work began by transporting ammunition that she used to hide under her clothes and pretend she was pregnant, in order to pass through the regime’s checkpoints. After that, she started learning how to use weapons in order to protect herself while aiding fighters on the front lines. She became known as “the free”.
She sold her gold and her possessions to pay for medical equipment, beds and staff, and established a hospital in Ein Tarma that was named after her, “The Free”. She kept on going to the front lines with the fighters to aid the wounded.

Image 5:
She was injured in a car accident on her way back from an emergency operation. She was transported to the Abbasids Hospital due to the gravity of her wounds. She was pregnant, the regime found out where she was and arrested her again. She was transported to al-Muwassat Hospital where she was paralyzed and strained to a bed. After she gave birth, the regime took away the child.
She was smuggled from the hospital and taken to Ghouta, then to Jordan. Her last stop was in Aqila Hospital, where she stopped eating and drinking and decided to end her life. She died alone, on 15-6-2014.