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The revolution established a space for ingenuity that has astounded us Syrians, even before making its mark on the rest of the world, and made us wonder where had all this talent in satire, art, and innovation been?

The outburst of the uprising against oppression and tyranny brought on a surge of these remarkable, latent energies, whether spontaneous or organized, in a way never before experienced by the Syrian people throughout all the years marked by repression and injustice. History relays similar experiences.

This project aims to document and archive all forms of free, artistic and cultural expression in the times of revolution and war. The project writes, records and collects stories of the Syrian people, and the experiences through which they regained the meaning of their social, political, and cultural lives, repossessed the public space, practiced, and experimented the act and responsibility of belonging to it.

Although most of the Syrian revolution’s output is available on the internet soon after its production, this output is dense and brief, and quickly becomes difficult to find if it were not documented in one specific space that is easy to refer back to, hence the importance of this project.

The project also aims to enhance the impact, trace, role and place of the artistic Syrian resistance in society, to spread its message and help establish networks between the groups or individuals who animate it, as well as links with the outside world.

Here, the artist/creative is considered a citizen before anything else, resisting with his/her art and standing by his/her people’s fight for freedom.

Thus, the organizers work on writing their contemporary history and building a collective memory, seeing the necessity of sharing the realities, values and transformations of the revolution with their compatriots, its makers, the coming generations, and the world.

The work on this project aims to build an archive of national intangible heritage. Protecting it is a demand and a duty, as it carries the cultural and intellectual richness of the Syrian people.