One Thousand and One Names

The fourth of the Creative Memory Archiving Project’s own productions.

This directory aims to gather the names of all the authors documented on our website, in our 22 current categories, whether they were individuals, groups, bands, initiatives, organizations, Facebook pages, newspapers, etc.

The launch group includes 630 author names, and more names will be added periodically.

The majority of the authors are Syrian, in addition to a small number of non-Syrians.

Even though the option to see “All authors” is offered in our search engine, we found it important to have a dedicated page that shows the diversity, the degrees of creativity and the wide geographical presence of our documented authors. This allows a data reading from different points of view, especially regarding individual and collective involvements, identities, the unveiled and the hidden, the famous and the covered, the elitist and the ordinary.

The directory paints a map of names, eyes and fingertips of those who are still with us, those who have sacrificed themselves for us, and those on whom we have no information.

Who knows! Maybe the launch of this directory will incite someone to say: I am here… Why did you forget me?! or another to say: You need to correct your information!

This project is launched with the support of AFAC – Arab Fund for Arts and Culture.

This project was launched on December 21, 2018

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