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The Creative Memory has the greatest respect for intellectual property, knowing that intellectual property rights have always been a subject of discussion in the fields of documentation and archiving during disasters, calamities, wars and revolutions and there are no unified answers about this subject yet.

The Creative Memory is a non-profit website that aims to document, protect and promote the works according to the procedures of open licenses.

Read more about Creative Commons‘ open licenses adopted by the website.

Materials in the website are documented as they originally figured in the source, including linguistic errors, as they are considered to be a part of the document. An explanatory note is added in cases that require a clarification.

The documentation of works that are not proper to the website, in the way they are presented as documents with complete information, is a production of the website. However, the translations of these documented works into other languages is considered, by principle, as originals documents proper to the website.

All non-original contents of this site are strictly mentioned with their respective owners and the appropriate sources. Events and activities, and all their details, mentioned in this site are provided by their organizers; we are not responsible for any change or error.

Some links available on our website have expired. At the time of publishing this was not the case, but due to unidentified factors, these links are no longer active.

The opinions and positions expressed by the authors are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of our website.

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