In the beginning was the graffiti

And one of the most striking surprises for the revolting Syrians were Saraqib and its walls, which became a gate to happiness and an early act of the civil revolutionary movement and discourse that persisted for long months during the peaceful revolution. Saraqib’s graffiti, all the way, kept reminding of the revolution’s values, carried people’s daily messages and voices: life, freedom, longing, anger, love, dreams, hope, resistance… but also the messages of war, tragedy, refuge, death, and the struggle against despotism in all its forms.

Throughout the years, the walls became an inspiration to the Syrians, wherever they were.

Frightened, the regime prosecuted, detained and murdered civilian graffiti activists. It covered in black their words “freedom”, “leave” and “Syria belongs to all of its children”, and wrote instead its only and eternal messages: “Al-Assad, or no one else” and “Al-Assad, or we burn the country”.

In this project, we aspire to archive all of Idlib’s graffiti and we launch, in this first stage, an archive of all the graffiti and murals that we were able to find online, in the city of Saraqib.

More than 500 artworks are presented on a Timeline, which will be periodically updated.

The Idlib Walls Timeline is the third project of The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution archiving project own production.

This project was launched on December 6, 2018

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