Geography itself is not the goal here, but the proposed journey to cross into “a memory of an event and the people behind it”.

This project is the second production by Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution.

The Map is a powerful and complex tool linked to our search engine which contains different categories, locations, dates, keywords and authors.
It connects our archives of thousands of documents with nearly 200 locations, including governorates, cities, towns, and neighborhoods, allowing readers to trace the areas in which the pacific revolutionary movement began, expanded, formed and transformed, based on the initiatives and activities in each region. Locations on the map are the source and/or the destination of the creative works.

It is a virtual trip across a reality lived on the ground, during which readers can explore the Syrian people, discover their words, dreams and hopes, but also their suffering and tragedies, through the trace they are leaving behind.

This project was launched in June 2018.

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